Innovative Approach to Stretching

Assisted Stretching

One of the best things you can do for your body is stretch. And it’s even better when someone can do it for you.

We’re excited to now offer assisted stretching in the Grand Rapids area. Fuel stretch is our brand-new boutique stretch studio. Our assisted stretching program utilizes a specific technique called fascial stretch technique which is customized to each individual by our specialists to improve the flexibility and range of motion in tight parts of the body. This technique is relaxing and pain free! Stretch therapy sessions consist of 30 or 60 minutes of stretching. We do all the work. You just come in, relax and get the relief you need.

How it Works

We always encourage self-stretching but sometimes you need assistance from a professional to show you the right technique and methodology to get a deeper stretch than you could get on your own. We focus on those tough areas and customize the stretching for your body. We use treatment tables with assisted straps and take you through stretching routines that target those hard-to-reach tight areas in your body. Before getting started, we will talk to you about any injuries you’ve dealt with, determine your current flexibility and see where you need assisted stretching the most and how we can get the relief you’re looking for. 

Benefits Include:

Fuel stretch is open to all ages, body types and athletic abilities. Our ultimate goal is to increase your range of motion and get you moving the way you should be. Don’t just take our word for it… come in and try us out.

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