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Our team has helped hundreds of people in the Grand Rapids area ranging from the weekend warrior to elite pro-level athletes return to their sport and improve their performance. We provide expert, evidence-based care for all injuries by providing 1-on-1 services that are customized to YOUR needs. We focus on your goals and getting you back to doing the things you enjoy faster than many traditional physical therapy clinics.

Our program offers different techniques and treatment options you won’t find elsewhere. Come try the Fuel experience. We will help transform your body, mindset, and overall well-being.

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The entire team at Fuel PT is hands down the best! They are friendly, motivating, non judgmental, encouraging and positive. Their approach to wellness and healing is truly unique. They have been so helpful in making sure I reach my goals and have always made me feel comfortable. A combination of red light therapy, weight loss program, PT, stretch therapy, as well as the support and encouragement from the entire team has been life changing for me from both the wellness and healing standpoint. Fuel goes above and beyond to help make a better and healthier you! This team truly cares about you and I highly recommend them, you won’t be disappointed!

Dana Loveland

Started with red light therapy and extended my sessions because of the fantastic effect it has on relieving my arthritis. 2 visits a week and I have no pain in my knee or hands and arms. Only solution that has worked and have been searching for over 4 years!! The dry needling and PF therapy were also very beneficial.

I have worked with Eric, Hayley and both Hopes and feel better than I ever have. They all are always friendly, motivated and positive and that energy transfers into a fantastic visit. They help with home exercises, diet, water intake and everything to make a healthier, better YOU, not just taking care of your problem, but taking care of the whole YOU!

I highly recommend and Love, Love, Love FUEL ❤

Mary Meyers

I love this place. The red light therapy is amazing. I was skeptical at first but I have had 4 sessions and I am blown away by the difference I see and feel in my health. My aches and pains are gone my skin is better my complexion is brighter I have more energy and I sleep so much better at night. It is truly amazing. The staff is awesome and they make me feel at home as soon as I walk through the door. I would recommend this to everyone to try. It is amazing!

Heather Morgan

"If there were 100 stars, it would not be enough! Eric is phenomenal. He was able to get me jogging after a tough ankle surgery and years of being in pain. Eric has a great depth of knowledge and is continually adding new techniques to his practice. He not only helped me back on my feet but gave me the knowledge and confidence to continue moving forward in my quest to keep my body moving! Thank you!"



"Dr. Eric really helped me to understand where the root of my pain was coming from. What I most appreciated was the time he spent creating a home program for me to implement to decrease pain and increase my participation in the activities I felt like I was missing out on. He was thorough and thoughtful in answering my numerous questions and addressing my concerns. You can tell he loves what he does!


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