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Pelvic pain can arise from your digestive, reproductive or urinary system. Recently, doctors have recognized that some pelvic pain, particularly chronic pelvic pain, can also arise from muscles and connective tissue (ligaments) in the structures of the pelvic floor. Symptoms commonly treated with Pelvic Floor Therapy include (but not limited to):

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Hayley was extremely helpful as I looked to begin exercising postpartum. She did a full evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses (both core strength and pelvic floor), gave me ideas for core strengthening exercises, answered all of my many questions, offered a look at what I can expect, and addressed my concerns! I feel much more confident now after our consultation and ready to start strengthening and healing.

Aebra Coe

Can’t say enough good things about this place honestly! I worked with Dr Hayley for arthritic back pain with monthly flare ups, and preventative pain management for pregnancy related pain I experience. I went for 10 visits, and during the course of my visits (and to this day) I have not a single flare up. AND no more tightness in my back. Doctors/chiropractors have failed to even minimize my pain I was having, yet this place has me feeling completely pain free. So thankful to finally have the solution to years of pain.

Taylor Ward

This comprehensive evaluation will focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms, what causing your pelvic pain and how to fix it. We will design a treatment plan for you because we don't want to waste time with treatment methods that does not work and we will make sure all your questions will be answered and get the best treatment from our certified specialist.

There's no point in knowing what's wrong if you cant do anything about it. Get the treatment the same day! We also give customized and specific home program and provide you with the equipment you need. And if you don't like the approach and the results you're getting, we guarantee your money back!


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$668 $ 37 ONLY
  • 30 Minute Evaluation With A Board Certified Specialist ($200 Value)
  • Get An Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Timeline For Results Without Unnecessary Imaging ($125 Value)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Messaging Access To Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy (Included)
  • BONUS #1: Receive Treatment That Same Day To Reduce Pain! ($199 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Receive Customized Home Program ($99 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Receive All Equipment Including Bands, Loops, and Mobility Tools ($45 Value)
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You have maybe searched for some self remedies, the right stretch or exercises on the internet and not sure if you're doing it right and not getting the result you want, only to be frustrated by your continued knee pain.


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