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I had some shoulder pain and tightness that had been bothering me for years when lifting and I immediately started seeing results when I started working with Hayley. She is extremely knowledgeable and she gave me so many different stretches and exercises to help me increase my shoulder mobility and strength. She also used a variety of great treatment modalities in each session that I haven't used before including gua sha, blood restriction cuffs, dry needling, and air compression massage sleeves. To top it off, she analyzed my lifting form on some of my weaker barbell movements to improve my awareness and physical engagement in order to prevent further injury. While dealing with pain is no fun, the process is significantly easier thanks to Hayley's enthusiasm and attentiveness. I highly recommend Hayley and Fuel to anyone who is dealing with persistent pain, it is absolutely worth it!

Kevin Carr

A+++++ to Dr. Eric Broadworth and Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance.

My son, who is a pitcher in baseball, had been diagnosed with a shoulder strain and some tendinitis. Dr. Eric was extremely knowledgeable and my son’s shoulder felt better after one treatment. Dr. Eric gave him some specific exercises to do at home and after 3 visits my son’s pain had subsided and he is back to pitching.

The communication with Dr. Eric is outstanding and he is very personable and answered any questions that we had. The flexibility on when he was able to treat my son was also very much appreciated. Due to our family’s schedule being so hectic Dr. Eric saw my son twice on weekends.

I highly recommend Dr. Eric to anyone who may be looking for any type of physical therapy. I will be back in the future if and when he is needed.

Jason Sinke

Haley and Eric were both great to work with. From day one I felt like I was in the right place to help me with a shoulder pain from a car accident. I did everything possible to avoid having surgery and seeing Haley 3 times a week to build up shoulder strength and work on shoulder pain. They even guided me to a specialist for a 2nd opinion who told me surgery was not necessary. I highly recommend Haley and Eric at Fuel for any of your PT needs. 5 starts thanks!

Tedros Fremichael

This comprehensive evaluation will focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms, what causing your shoulder pain and how to fix it. We will design a treatment plan for you because we don't want to waste time with treatment methods that does not work and we will make sure all your questions will be answered and get the best treatment from our certified specialist.

There's no point in knowing what's wrong if you cant do anything about it. Get the treatment the same day! We also give customized and specific home program and provide you with the equipment you need. And if you don't like the approach and the results you're getting, we guarantee your money back!


Here Is Everything You Get With The Evaluation:

$668 $ 47 ONLY
  • 30 Minute Evaluation With A Board Certified Specialist ($200 Value)
  • Get An Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Timeline For Results Without Unnecessary Imaging ($125 Value)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Messaging Access To Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy (Included)
  • BONUS #1: Receive Treatment That Same Day To Reduce Pain! ($199 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Receive Customized Home Program ($99 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Receive All Equipment Including Bands, Loops, and Mobility Tools ($45 Value)
100% Money Back Gaurantee

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Try Your Own Self Treatments On Your Own

You have maybe searched for some self remedies, the right stretch or exercises on the internet and not sure if you're doing it right and not getting the result you want, only to be frustrated by your continued shoulder pain.


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